paul richardson-chute
Welcome to my web page and thank you for taking time to view my work and learn a little about my practice.

It is my intention to keep this updated, however the entries may be few and far between such is the slow pace of my progress, something about the Tortoise and the Hare popped into my mind just then, oh that it was so with my practice.

I will begin then, with the date:


Finally the website went live with my new hosting provider, many teething problems but you can now contact me through the Contact Form on this site.

My fabled exhibition, my first solo show may have to be postponed until February. I shall post here and elsewhere when the show will happen.

Wishing you all a Happy New 2022


It's been a number of years since I updated my website.

I took a course in Basic Web Design at The University of Sunderland in 2008 and I was determined that the outcome would be my own website which I had designedl, that was Potterrealart MK1.

It was fairly crude, my intentions were more grandiose but my knowledge was limited.

This website is Potterrealart MK2. It is a record, though not complete, of my art progression.

I hope you enjoy looking and if you have any feedback then please drop me a line in the Contact section.

To the news:

I was so pleased to have my work Social and Self Isolation accepted for the Baltic Open Submission 2020, the exhibition was postponed because of Covid social distancing measures and was finally held in May to Sept 2021 at Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art in Gateshead. It's possible that more than 50,000 people have seen my contribution, staggering.

I wish they had installed the work as I had envisioned it instead of against a wall which all but killed it off, it is a sculpture, meant to be seen from all sides and in particular, it was meant to be looked through like a window.

I am still thrilled to have been part of it.

I will soon be having my first solo exhibition at Cullercoats Studios, where I am based, I will be showing my latest works, a collection really, created and evolved over the past 6 years. I do hope that as many people as possible will be allowed to attend, it may be that special arrangements need to be made to accomodate the Covid regulations.

More on this to be announced soon.

On a personal note I am proud to say my life has been changed forever more by the arrival of my first grandchild in June 2021. I have high hopes he will get full on art immersion by the time he is of age to take it up as a career, nothing taken for granted of course...

MEAMI: We have been very affected by the Covid situation, even before Covid, our drummer/brother Bhakti was suffering from post viral syndrome after a shingles attack. This left him with many symptoms the same as long covid. Then lockdowns and other personal changes within the band meant we practised only sporadically over the last, nearly two years. Bhakti has been away in America and is due to return in December and we are committed to reviving the music.

I will endeavour to update this as and when.


Cullercoats Studios

BALTIC Open Submission 2020

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Watkinson Glass Associates

East Durham Artists Network

Armstrong Studio Trust